Enoteca Belvedere di San Leonino

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Ciacci Piccolomini d'aragona

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About 8 hectares, located in medium-textured and marl soils, of Eocene origin between 240 and 360 meters above sea level. where the best grapes are selected for this vintage Brunello di Montalcino. Grape variety: 100% Sangiovese Vinification, fermentation and aging: In stainless steel containers and vitrified cement tanks at a controlled temperature by means of cooling jackets and immersion plates. Aging: In Slavonian oak barrels of 20 to 75 hl over 2 years, followed by bottle aging for over 8 months. Color: Ruby red tending to garnet. Organoleptic characteristics: Notes of red berry fruit are wrapped in a slight spiciness; the taste is warm, quite soft and very balanced. Full-bodied wine with moderately pronounced tannins and long taste-olfactory persistence. Service: Uncork one hour before serving and serve at 18 ° C in a "balloon" shaped crystal goblet. The bottles should be stored in the dark, unfolded, cool and without sudden changes in temperature. Food pairing: Ideal with roasted or stewed game and with first courses with seasoning based on the same meats. Also excellent with aged cheeses. Technical notes: The bottles are protected thanks to an anti-counterfeiting hologram on the capsule.