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Corteaura was born in Franciacorta the beating heart of Lombardy winemaking. 

A winery that gives life to great quality products, excellence and that cares for every sigle  detail.

Located in the municipality of Adro, a historic location for the production of wine, as already testified by Pliny and Virgil, Corteaura traces a line of continuity that unites different but identical eras in the pursuit of quality, according to traditional values of respect for the land. The origin of the name is a composition with different etymologies: "Corte" is an integral part of the history of Franciacorta, its most reliable meaning seems to date back to the Middle Ages, when these lands, administered by the Benedictine and Cluniac monks, enjoyed exemption from taxes and duties: it was the area of “curtes francae”, or tax free zones.

 Aura in Greek mythology is a nymph, daughter of Peribea and Lelanto, with movements as fast as the wind, and, finally, the set of positive energy. These united words are a tribute to the earth and to that magical breath of life that can make the fruit of work something unique and superior. The company logo is depicted by a Tortoise: a calm animal, which in its proverbial slowness finds great prospects and extraordinary longevity while waiting. Time in Franciacorta is the indispensable tool for preparing long-lived cuvées of great expression. A full harmony that of Federico Fossati and Pierangelo Bonomi, founders of the winery, to protect the identity of the territory, while maintaining the differences in range, and to produce Franciacorta easy to drink but structured and complex, whose refinement is always at least 30 months. A work that aims at qualitative constancy through research and training. The Franciacorta Brut di Corteaura is composed of 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir harvested by hand in the first ten days of August, vinified separately and assembled, and left for 36 months on the lees. Straw yellow in color, it has a fine and persistent perlage, with floral and slightly fruity aromas. Characteristic is the delicate hint of freshly baked bread crust combined with a citrus and dried fruit finish: almonds, hazelnuts and dried figs. On the palate it is sapid, fresh, fine and harmonious. Excellent as an aperitif, this wine is also perfect for any meal, perfectly accompanying fish-based dishes (from appetizers to frying), but also vegetables, white meats and medium-aged cheeses.


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