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Prosecco Extra Dry DOC

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A selection of the best hilly and low yielding sites combined to improved Winemaking techniques underpin this limited edition. The Charmat method here is defined by a slow second fermentation and a prolonged, 3 months rather than the regular 20 days, aging period in pressurized tank. This results in an extremely intense bouquet supported by a fine perlage, a balanced cuvée, as Elegant as a Venetian Dress.


Winemaking: Made exclusively from glera grapes from the Veneto region. Glera is a late ripening, disease-prone grape variety, for these reasons we do select hilly, hence more ventilated and less humid, areas that allow the grapes to reach full ripeness while avoiding plant diseases, likely to compromise the primary aromas of the grapes. The Charmat method helps in retaining primary fruit character making this wine a straightforward expression of terroir.

Tasting notes: A wealth of delicate aromas, unfolding into white fruit and flowers notes for an enhanced tasting experience.

Food paring: Prosecco is the perfect food wine. Fantastic with antipasti, from olives to aged cheeses to roasted peppers or marinated artichokes. Wonderful with freshwater fish and sea food. Because it is so easy to pair with food, Prosecco is a wine to summer up your day all year around!

Serving Temperature: enjoy at 60 C – 80 C.