Enoteca Belvedere di San Leonino

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It is a wine that is produced exclusively from Sangiovese grapes and from the vineyards on the hill of Santa Caterina, along the Via Lauretana, an area historically on the border between the Papal State and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

Colle Santa Caterina is an exclusive part of Tenuta Trerose which is characterized by:

- Be planted exclusively with Sangiovese grapes
- Having vineyards planted like an amphitheater with a rich series of exposures
- Having soils of marine origin in which sands, silt and salty clays alternate
- Having a unique climate; here, in fact, the continental climate of the central part of Tuscany is mitigated by the proximity to Lake Trasimeno

It is precisely in exploiting and selecting the different expressions of Sangiovese in this rich and precious alternation of soils and exposures that the secret and the great innovation of this NOBLE WINE is generated.

Grapes: Sangiovese (100% Prugnolo Gentile biotype) from Colle di Santa Caterina.

Production techniques: according to the individual selections, the Sangiovese are fermented in a different way in order to respect and enhance the different peculiarities: • fruit, softness and sweetness of tannins are sought from the more mature ones. • from the lighter ones, citrus notes and elegance are sought. • from areas with salty clays, sapidity and minerality. The different selections, according to their potential, refine separately in barriques, 10 hl barrels and 30- 40 hl barrels. Organoleptic characteristics: Intense red color with purple notes. On the nose it is a real explosion of red fruit with flavors of cherry in spirit, currant, blackberry, chinotto and myrtle. In the mouth this wine is characterized by a soft and sweet entry accompanied by a long, light and elegant finish. Only thanks to a work of selecting the best areas, Sangiovese, in this unique territory, combines modernity with Tuscan elegance.


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